10% of all proceeds are donated directly to pit bull rescue efforts.

All pieces are made start to finish in my Colrain, MA based studio and no two pieces are quite the alike.



Welcome to The Steel Pit & The Glass Bull!

If you've made it this far there is a good chance you have an idea of what I do. Perhaps you picked up my card somewhere along the way or heard of my initiative through the rescue I support. But if you've happened upon it by chance or need a refresher here's an overview.

As you can probably gather from my logo I chose the name quite carefully. First and foremost I've been involved in Pit Bull rescue for over 15 years now and my company includes a piece of that as well, or more so it was created specifically to support these efforts. The other pieces of the name make up my product scope. In short I create glass beads and some other odds and ends which I offer solo as well as paired with steel, silver, gold, brass, leather, etc. or a combo in some cases to create wearable art as well as some miscellaneous items here and there. Each piece is unique and no two are quite alike. I hope with some time to expand into other avenues as I experiment with ideas. 10% of all proceeds are donated directly to pit bull rescue efforts.  As I grow I hope to increase that percentage.

Please take a moment to check out the Gallery for some examples of my work or visit my Facebook page and Etsy shop for updates and new items added often.



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Also please take a moment to visit the Dogs page to see some of the dogs I've had the privilege of fostering over the years.  And be sure and visit the site of the rescue I support with these efforts for more information regarding their organization and the animals they help each and every day.

PittieLove Rescue

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my company and the initiative behind it.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding my work, PittieLove Rescue or any of their amazing dogs.



"All creatures tremble before violence, All fear death, All love life"